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All the charm of made in Italy

pours out increasingly precious notes.

Made in Italy standard bearers

we value our uniqueness against

an impetuous globalization


Irish linen


French collar


all Italian style


A customized peak lapel

the 45 ° silk melton

the Australian mother of pearl

a unique garment

for a special moment


striped cotton and linen

bouclè touch

"abarca" pocket cut

shaped and "pulled"

by hand...


GENEVE 1958 – FOGGIA 1968


The pleasure of creating beautiful stuff starts with Antonio Sticchi

the company founder, worker, at the beginning, in a small tailor shop in Geneve, centre of business and international inputs.


Ten years after, fully experienced in satisfying the needs of sophisticated customers coming from all over the world, the comin’ back in Italy and the opening of his first men’s and women’s shop in Foggia, a little town in Puglia.


Then, the economic boom of the sixties and the beginning of the production that still continues today. In a time of low costs standard productions, the desire to make high quality garments resists, rigorously “Made in Italy” and sold to connoisseurs everywhere in the world.

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